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NYU ITP Data Storytelling

This is the site for a seven-week Data Storytelling class at NYU

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Welcome to the page for ITPG-GT 2517 001 Data Science Storytelling

This class meets Wednesday 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (weeks 1-7 only).

Data Storytelling

This short course is an exploration of the line between data analysis and storytelling. How do we find the interesting stories in data, and how do we communicate them in a compelling way, with respect to the data?


We'll be using github to collaborate and share work during this course. Github provides wonderful tools while also reinforcing good software engineering practices.


We have seven short weeks to explore!

week 0 - Introduction and Philosophy

week 1 - Tools and process

week 2 - Acquiring data and process

week 3 - Markov Chains and art

week 4 - Algorithms for Data Classification

week 5 - Data Product Design

week 6 - Final project presentations